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Treatment Info

Semi-Permanent Eyelashes

Semi-Permanent Eyelashes are the answer to the ultimate perfect mascara.....


The extensions are single strands of synthetic silk eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash.  They provide length and thickness to your own lashes and are available in varying lengths and thickness.  They are applied to your individual eyelashes, one at a time.  There is no need for mascara - although a water based mascara is fine to use.  The result is thicker, longer, but natural looking eyelashes.  They can be worn in the shower, while swimming, sleeping or excercising.


Eyelash extensions are worn by famous celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Cheryl Cole, Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham to name a few.  They are great for everyday wear or special occasions, and have gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the last couple of years because the look achieved is so natural.


Gel Polish

Described as the 14 day manicure Gel Polish is an excellent alternative to extensions or nail varnish. Providing that extra strength you need to grow your own nails without chipping or smudging. Every 2 weeks clients will come in to have the Gel Polish safely and kindly soaked off and reapplied. We have over 85 colours to choose from and at an affordable price the only hard decision is which colour to have!!


Higher Definition Eybrows

We will help you achieve the most fabulous brows you can have through a series of steps including, tinting, trimming, waxing, shaping, plucking, mineral powders and pencils


We will teach you how to maintain your new brows inbetween treatments so they grow to your desired shape

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